We make classic fountain-style soda syrups in the heart of Wellington, New Zealand.

We do this using forgotten and seasonal flavours crafted by hand using all natural ingredients. Our sodas are served in places that are dedicated to quality drinks, or are perfect for enjoying at home: just mix them with any soda or sparkling water. Our factory cafe, on the corner of Eva & Dixon street is open 7 days serving soda, syrups, coffee, food, cocktails, sundaes, craft beer and other good things.

Our current flavours are kola nut, lemon, lime, cherry & pomegranate, raspberry & lemon, hibiscus, sarsaparilla, vanilla cream, ginger, celery tonic and orange dandy. We have limited release or seasonal flavours which change every couple of months, see the Store page for all current flavours. Some of our past limited release flavours include plum, rhubarb & juniper, feijoa, grapefruit & hops, pine & lemon peel, wild blackberry.

Open Hours

Monday - Thursday10am - 7pm
Friday - Saturday10am - 8pm
Sunday10am - 7pm