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Six Barrel Soda Co. make natural sodas and specialty soda syrups in Wellington, New Zealand.

Six Barrel Soda Co. grew from a love of classic sodas and soda fountain culture. Established in 2012 by Joseph Slater and Mike Stewart, our soda syrups and bottled sodas are being used around New Zealand and Australia by the best soda jerks, the most creative cafes, restaurants and bars and home soda fans looking for something different.

Wholesale Supply

Six Barrel Soda Co. will make your drinks list pop.
We supply select restaurants, cafés, bars and grocery stores dedicated to quality drinks of all kinds. Please contact sales@sixbarrelsoda.co for wholesale enquiries.

Specialty Soda Syrups

Our creative soda syrups are perfect for restaurant, café or bar use and will help your soft drinks and cocktail lists stand out. They are also the best choice for using at home with sodastream or your favourite sparkling water. Check our web store for all current products. Contact sales@sixbarrelsoda.co for wholesale enquiries.

Try our syrups at home mixing 1 part syrup to 5 parts soda or sparkling water // Syrup

Bottled Sodas

Our bottled soda range is creative and designed to set your drinks list apart. They come in cola six, cherry & pomegranate, lemonade, ginger ale, celery tonic, sarsaparilla, raspberry & lemon, salted cucumber & mint (sugar free) and a limited edition that is changed seasonally. Check our web store for all current products. Contact sales@sixbarrelsoda.co for wholesale enquiries.

Why Six Barrel?

The name Six Barrel Soda Co. is a take on a ‘sixth barrel’, a small barrel traditionally used by distillers and wine makers for their experimental batches. Our fresh approach to soda making and innovative flavours honour this tradition in a contemporary way.


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